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Traditional Tibetan Medicine is a practice over four thousand years old, which aims to restore physical and mental harmony. It is especially beneficial for us with our modern lifestyle, so busy that our bodily energies are overworked, causing us physical and emotional stress.

In Traditional Tibetan Medicine, the constitution is determined by the three bodily energies – Wind, Bile and Phlegm – and affected by the five elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Diagnosis involves understanding the patient’s constitution and how it is affected by the elements so appropriate treatment can be given.

Traditional Tibetan Massage – Ku Nye – is the main external therapy of Tibetan Medicine.
According to your constitutional type, oils are selected and infused with different spices then applied with different techniques. For example, if your constitution is primarily Wind, warm sesame oil with nutmeg and aniseed is applied with gentle and relaxing techniques to nourish and stimulate the energy and unblock the channels.

Your treatment may also include hot stone massage – Do Nye – where river stones and salt rocks are warmed and purified in Himalayan salt and used to apply fragrant oils to the body. Seashells may be used with warm oils to gently relax and rejuvenate the face. Salt compresses may be used to relieve pain and warm the body as well as to remove oils from the body following the massage. Mongolian moxibustion – Hor Me – where herbs, spices and seeds are bound into a cloth ball and soaked in warm therapeutic oil before being applied to the body may be used to balance and restore the energy. Moxibustion – Me Tza – may be used to warm painful points of the body and encourage the energy flow.

Ku Nye is traditionally used for emotional and physical conditions including stress, depression, anxiety, muscle and joint stiffness, back pain, physical tension, circulation problems and insomnia among other things. It is also used as a preventative medicine by strengthening the immune system.

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